Born in Scarborough, raised in Ajax, and residing in Toronto, Leon’s music is a unique sonic narrative that challenges widespread conceptions of life in the suburbs. He is a true creative who draws inspiratons from a pool of genres to quilt his creations. As the founder of the IXXI Initiative, home to the likes of Daniel Caesar and Jordan Fall, Sean has established himself as a pillar in the Toronto music scene. Textured with his experiences of love, fatherhood and loss all while navigating self, Leon is endlessly creating and is a gallery waiting to be experienced.


Toronto's Saya exudes confidence well beyond her 23 years. She first impressed listeners with her 2016 debut single "Wet Dreams," which set the groundwork for her unconventional approach to music that blends hip-hop futurism and reggaeton beats with trappings of pop undertones. 

Langston Francis

The vibrancy of the Kensington Market neighbourhood is the creative backdrop behind new Toronto artist, Langston Francis. Pulling inspiration from all of the multifaceted music and cultures this community has to offer, Langston grew up in a world of hip hop, electronica and jazz, vintage boutiques and art spaces – all in uences that have helped shape his creativity: “I feel expression shows itself in all aspects of art, and even music is a very visual experience.” 


Kelsey Williams, a.k.a Killa Kels, might be the new
kid on the block - but don’t let that fool you. The Toronto-based DJ’s determination has driven her to become a familiar face in the city’s entertainment industry in a short timespan. Spinning at the hottest events and working with an established roster of clientele, she is rapidly building her name as one of the most popular DJs in the city.


Named one of XXL’s “10 Canadians to Know”, DillanPonders is carving a unique lane in hip hop
with his distorted and hazy, yet cutting and perceptive sound and larger than life persona. A
trapped-out spitter with a delivery that sounds equal parts as Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott,
Ponders’ music versatile, with songs perfect for a party or sombre solo listening.


Toronto singer/songwriter lemin. emerged in 2015, merging her deep and soulful ballads with electronic, alternative-pop and R&B. The result of her own experimentation with production and her distinct vocal performance is a truly unique, genre-bending expression. lemin. first garnered attention releasing singles Better For You and Your Friends (Interlude) to SoundCloud. Her debut EP, hold A: act 1 was released in November of 2017 and is to be followed by hold A: act 2 some time this year. The EPs focus on themes of love and breakup, but more importantly, self actualization and personal growth. The EP's title is a nod to Mario Kart: "hold A to accelerate."


Hailing from a city where musical talent is rarely recognized, Toronto’s own GNA is determined to make her mark. She has always had an artistic
passion and put her creative abilities to use by working in theatre, independent films, commercials and even ad campaigns. She would eventually star in the Broadway musical ‘The Lion King’ as young Nala. It was at that very moment she knew she had talent and began to cultivate it.


Jazzy Monika

"I’m a 21 year old R&B singer-songwriter. I just debuted my 3-song EP called Mixed Emotions Chapter 1 a couple months ago. My overall my sound is a new age 90’s R&B, like a new age brandy feel. I recently graduated from The Remix Project in November. When I was 18, I moved out to Atlanta for a year to scope the music scene and was highly inspired when working with a producer who was a member of the 80’s group The Force MD’s. I also draw a lot of inspiration from singers like Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan, Jhene Aiko, and Aretha Franklin." - Jazzy Monika


Born in Ottawa, Ontario as Jayden Henry, JYDN fuses modern R&B sounds, with old school melodies, and a distinctive hip-hop flow. Throw in a dark electronic influence, and you have a unique sound that fits perfectly with the eclectic nature of modern music. 

Mobi Mawla

Mobi Mawla began creating music out of his bedroom while living in Florida at 13 years old. What sparked out of passion on the lunch table, quickly began to engulf every facet of the young teenager's life. After moving back to Toronto to be with his family, Mobi went on to continue writing and recording songs on his own. Through a consistent output he went on to perform on many of Toronto's premier stages igniting the crowd with a signature brand of powerful energy.


From the streets of Leslieville, with only a limited catalogue of music, OHARA has been able to capture the attention of many with his mysterious, yet smooth vibe. Often seen performing alongside his band and choir, this low-key local musician infuses the infectious elements of soul to create a very unique sound of his own.

Sha Hustle

"I'm a songwriter, I make all sorts of music whether it's based on the streets or life period. I make music not just rap, I express myself through any form of art whether i'm producing, shootin videos, rapping or singing." - Sha Hustle